Non-Profit Organization Transportation in Cumming, GA

Is your non-profit organizing an event? Do you need a way to get your team on-site in an easy, worry-free fashion? Don't stress about transportation; we're at your service. At Double Platinum Limousines, we offer a range of transport options for non-profit groups in Cumming, GA. Whether you need to transport your employees or the beneficiaries of your services, we're here to provide you with options.

Excellent Service

At Double Platinum Limousines, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service. Our goal is to serve all of your company's transportation needs, no matter how extensive. We understand that as a non-profit, you may be on a limited budget. That's why we go out of our way to keep our rates affordable and our packages flexible.

For more information about our non-profit organization transportation options and services, give us a call today.


"Cinco de Mayo Girl's Night Out" at Cinco's in The Vickery!

Where better to celebrate "Cinco de Mayo" than at "Cinco's" at The Vickery! The Beautiful Women of Windermere (Kelly, Kristen, Barri, Crystal, Michelle) look "Dressed To Kill." Did everyone get the email about rockin' the white pants?